25 de juliol, 2010

Pat Metheny speaks

About his quartet (Lyle Mays, Steve Rodby, Antonio Sánchez):
«This is the core of my band, the Pat Metheny Group, in action. We did some concerts like this, just as a quartet, last year in Asia, playing a lot of the music from across all the years we have been together in a basic, kind of stripped down way. The audience reaction was incredible and we had a blast doing it.» 

About music categories:
«I really see music as one big thing. But certainly, my focus has always been on improvisation. There are certainly overlaps between all the different settings that I play in, but each context seems to bring out different requirements. Playing duets with Charlie Haden is a very different skill than playing with the PMG and playing more straight ahead with Kenny Garrett is very different than playing with Gary Burton, etc. It is hard to verbally describe the difference as much as I think the musical result describes itself.»

Pat Metheny Group plays today at the Porta Ferrada Festival.

The complete interview (in Catalan) is here.