29 de setembre, 2010

Tim Garland, notes i entrevista (in English)

Responent a la invitació del festival, el saxofonista i director d'orquestra Tim Garland ha escrit unes notes al voltant del repertori que tocarà aquest diumenge, 3 d'octubre, al capdavant de la Big Band de l'Esmuc. Com des de fa tres anys, al Parc Central del Poblenou.

By Tim Garland

Lady Catherine

Dedicated to a close family friend who's house I have stayed in during many trips to New York over twenty years. I used to refer to NY as a jungle, hence the strange opening music!

Made By Walking

With reference to early dance band music, this is dedicated to Josephine Baker who smuggled code to the French Resistance inside the sheet music for her dance band.

All Stand Together

The simple tune spells out the rhythm of "All Stand Together" in English and is passed round the band.

Rosa Ballerina

Written for my daughter when she was very young, the tune begins on an F sharp, as that was the note she screamed as she was born!

Mission:To Be Where I Am

By Jan Garbarek, a simple anthem of this great sax player I arranged for a Youth Big band a few years ago.


Si teniu més interès en l'obra de Garland, és ben recomanable l'entrevista que AllAboutJazz va publicar –firmada per Ian Patterson– l'any passat. N'oferim aquí un petit extracte:

Composer, arranger and multi-reed virtuoso Tim Garland is a treasure the nation of the UK has yet to fully recognize. Having recorded a dozen albums in his own name, and arranged for and played in the groups of Chick Corea and Bill Bruford, Garland's pedigree as one of the leading jazz saxophonist/composers of his generation is unquestionable. In addition, his collaborations with the country's finest musical institutions, including the London Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, set him apart as one of the UK's most progressive modern composers.

(The complete interview, here.)

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Jazz Site ha dit...

Yeah, I got a chance to hear Tim Garland and he is terrific as described. He is one hell of a saxophonist and composer.