04 de març, 2014

Meet the Jazz Composers Forum (1): Julian Argüelles

Els vuit compositors convidats per l'Orquestra Jazz de Matosinhos parlen sobre la seva experiència amb la big band portuguesa. Concert el 16 de març a Luz de Gas (20.00h). Entrades a 1 euro pels Amics del Jazz/ Club The Project.

Julian Argüelles (c) Gerhard Richter

1. How was for you the experience to work with the OJM?
It was a lot of fun. Firstly these opportunities (being asked to compose and arrange for a large ensemble and the opportunity to be with the band to rehearse and organise the music) are rare and and of course its almost always fun. This was especially enjoyable because of the  great musicians in the band, many of whom I knew from working in Portugal over the years. It was a pleasure.

2. Can you define the piece you wrote for them, Another Escapade?
Although I usually write music that I want to hear, play and write, because I knew and respected so many of the musicians involved with the band I tried to write with their sound in mind, this was especially true of the rhythm section. I feel my music has many different influences many of which are not obvious, and these can vary from piece to piece. But I would say this particularly piece has some connections to the music of Kenny Wheeler and Mário Laginha (two of my favourite writers), I think I was also influenced by the great version of Kurt Rosenwinkel's Zhivago that the band recorded. Having said, usually I write without a preconceived idea about how the piece will turn out, it's a bit like an improvisation –I don't try and force the out come.