09 de març, 2014

Meet the Jazz Composers Forum (4): Guillermo Klein

Els vuit compositors convidats per l'Orquestra Jazz de Matosinhos parlen sobre la seva experiència amb la big band portuguesa. Concert el 16 de març a Luz de Gas (20.00h). Entrades a 1 euro pels Amics del Jazz/Club The Project.

1. How was for you the experience to work with the OJM?
It was truly great and inspiring. The musicianship was very high and the commitment to the work as well. I recall going very happy to each rehearsal and trying sections of this piece with them, we had a good amount of time to work and the venue had a great sound too. I feel respect, admiration and gratitude for the opportunity. Looking back, a musical highlight.

2. Can you define the piece you wrote for them, Tiempo y lugar?
I had this idea of how to translate a dream with a piece of music. It carries the feeling that time are moments that occupy space, leading to a prayer for ever lasting love. I used this subtle rhythmic phasing device to achieve this dreamlike atmosphere, doublings and pedal points are intended to carry light and the flugelhorn solo (Susana Santos Silva) stands out as a narrator.