12 de novembre, 2012

Meet the Artist: Tamar McLeod Sinclair

El siempre atento radar de Daniel Negro, propietario del Harlem, ha detectado una nueva propuesta, la neozelandesa Tamar McLeod, tercera invitada de nuestro ciclo Veus de Barcelona, el próximo viernes 16 de noviembre (20.30 horas).

By Tamar McLeod
Hello Barcelona!
I feel extremely happy and lucky to be in your beautiful city and that you have invited me to come and present my music in your great International Festival of Jazz.  The boys and I, we are rehearsing a great programme to present at the Harlem Jazz Club on Friday the 16th of November at 20.30hrs. We will be playing a selection of songs from my debut album The Heart Notes (inspired by my own personal and profound experiences from my life and travels), songs by McCoy Tyner and Billie Holiday and songs from other parts of the world – So the audience is in for a big adventure through geographical, emotional and soulful landscapes.
I feel very privileged that I will be joined on the stage by Gilles Estoppey from Switzerland (piano), Tom Warburton from the USA (bass) and Juan Cruz Pluma Satillán from Argentina (drums). Together we are four musicians from four different continents in the world and we all live in Barcelona! I am really looking forward to our performance and I am sure we will create a very special evening of music, with a lot of love for you all.