04 de novembre, 2010

Pat Metheny on Paolo Angeli

By Pat Metheny

In my opinion, Paolo Angeli has developed a significant new direction for the guitar with his innovations in design for our instrument. When I first heard him play his guitar, it was clear to me that the implications of what he and his instrument were offering were challenging and important. His solo concert was impressive not only for the unique sounds that he was manifesting, but also for the raw creative energy that it invoked. I admire Paolo on many levels, and feel excited to have some involvement in the ongoing research that has resulted in several new instruments under his auspices, one of which I am thrilled to be the owner of. I feel that Paolo's design innovations offer many opportunites for other guitarists to find their own doorways into music vis a vis his instruments and look forward to spending time with my own "Paolo Angeli" instrument, looking for my own pathways into the world of sound that this unique instrument offers.

October 2003 

Paolo Angeli is playing on Tuesday Nov. 9th at Jamboree. Tickets still available here and here.