13 d’octubre, 2012

Meet the Artist: Samantha de Siena

Por primera vez en los tres años de existencia del ciclo Veus de Barcelona, repite una voz. Tras el éxito de su concierto el año pasado, Samantha de Siena regresa al Harlem para presentar el 2 de noviembre (20.30 horas) su segundo disco, Lifting the Veil, antes de la fecha oficial de lanzamiento, en el 2013. Producido por Suso Sáiz, el disco empieza, cuenta la propia cantante británica afincada en Barcelona, «con una chica y un chico, lejos de sí mismos y atrapadas en el cruel dolor de la ilusión».

Pero mejor leamos sus propias palabras…

(Foto: Daniel Andrés Ospina López.)

By Samantha de Siena

Lifting the Veil is a project very close to my heart; the journey of all i've been learning and experiencing, since taking those first steps towards realising my dreams of singing and making music. Having spent this summer recording with a magical team of musicians, engineers and our great friend and producer, Suso Sáiz, we'll now be playing a special preview show for the Voll-Damm Jazz Festival, before our official album release in 2013.
The phrase, Lifting the Veil, is a direct translation of the Greek word for apocalypse. Although often used to describe the end of the world, it actually relates to the disclosure of important truths, previously hidden, during an era dominated by illusion. The Lifting of the Veil is therefore a time of discovery, revelation and celebration.
So, both a universal theme and a personal journey, our story begins with a girl and a boy, far away from themselves and trapped within the cruel pain of illusion. We follow, as they begin to look beyond the veil and move into the unknown and what they discover on their journey is shared with you through song.
"What if we already have everything we need and we already know the truth. If what once we forgot, we are now remembering..."