31 d’octubre, 2012

Meet the Artist: Lee Fields

Noche de soul ineludible el viernes 9 de noviembre en Luz de Gas (21.30 horas). Lee Fields & The Expressions. Sobran las palabras. Menos las suyas.

He aquí a Lee Fields en persona, hablando sobre cómo se siente por volver a Barcelona, ciudad, dice, del amor…

By Lee Fields  
I am looking forward to coming back to the beautiful city of Barcelona. Barcelona is known to be one of the world's most beautiful cities and I completely agree. It offers cultural diversity, great tasting food, and of course the scenic beaches. As one of the meccas of architecture and home to Gaudí I never cease to be amazed walking the winding streets of this gem on the Mediterranean. As I prepare for a show I cannot help but feel the energy of the city piercing me right to the bone.  Whether strolling down Las Ramblas, taking in tapas in Barceloneta, or sitting with a glass off avenue Diagonal, I can't help but feel the spirit of the city.

To summarize my feelings about Barcelona I can only say this:
It is a city to Love, Fall in love and Rekindle love.

I hope when myself and the Expressions will bring a little more love to this great city when we take the stage...